people’s opinion

she questioned easiness
she is selfish

she used to being hard
she is old

she is fire rather than water
oh dear, she’ll never marry

she is fine more than sober
she has a pathetic life.



she pleaded uncertainty
asking clue to life
“love is clue to life!”, the uncertainty blessed.

love showed, then disappeared
showed again, disappeared again
sometimes it intertwined, as it absented.
“what does it mean?” she queried.

“it means you need a proper weekend”
and both laughed happily.

coffee and love

a cup of coffee
with no sugar
has taught me
bitter is a taste too
just like sweet, sour, and salty
i should not hate it
i may not like it
but i should not hate it

like it or not is my tongue’s job
hate it or not is my brain’s corp.


loving you
without you know it
has taught me
love can be bitter too
beside sweet, sour, and salty
i should not hate it
i may not like it
but i should not hate it

like it or not is my heart’s job
hate it or not is my heart’s corp

for you,
my heart has been so busy
yet my brain is jobless and deadest.

about being


dear you,
the contingent being disclaimer
the necessary being i credence

as we learn,
there will be no end to argue
which one come first on love
essence or existence
yet we live within possibilities

for you,
since the last rains last year
it has always existed
and can’t not exist
a year of denial phase has passed
now i’m trying to say yes for its essence

for the essence itself,
will it last till the next-next rains?
will the drops still has its hope?
i don’t know…
i am being contingent being myself

one thing seems sure
the rainy season will come soon
the caves will be a safe haven for any being, like us
and puppets to be shown inside
we may watch the same story or may not.

*made while choosing internship! haha!!!


rupa-rupa rasa lupa

kalau kamu dan dia, lupa rasa-rasa

hahaha! salah siapa lupa rupa?

harga rindu memang temu

hutang rindu buta rasa

rasakan itu: hampa!

warna-warna rasa lupa

hitam itu tuhan

putih itu setan

kamu dan dia abu-abu

kamu abu dan dia abu

lebur, terbang sendiri-sendiri.